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Lisa Reid Photography

Holly & Hayden – Wedding @ Dunedin City Baptist Church

It’s been a long time between blogs – working full-time combined with COVID restrictions has limited the opportunities to get out there and create memories. But….here we are with a HUGE post to make up for that. Photographing Holly and Hayden’s wedding was a photographer’s dream and made even sweeter as I’ve known Holly since she was a little girl. Holly and Hayden’s love for one another was so clear, so filled with promise and such a joy to witness. Their bridal party was second to none and an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Wishing Holly and Hayden a marriage filled with love, laughter and adventure.


Holly got ready at her mum and dad’s beautiful home – making a stunning backdrop for these photos.          Thanks Karen and Evan for opening up your amazing space.

Holly’s mum, Karen and sister, Katie, admiring the finished product. Maybe they’re also having a wee flashback to Holly as a little girl and wondering how time has gone by so quickly.

Holly – your beauty just radiates from within and you are just sparkling.

I think it’s fair to say that Evan has mastered the perfect reaction to seeing his little girl                                                     in her wedding gown for the first time.                                                                                                                                                                                     It’s an emotional time for parents and it’s so special to be able to capture these moments. 

Off to the church for a couple of pre wedding moments with the boys – no sign of nerves from Hayden.

Hayden’s first glimpse of Holly and I think he’s pretty happy that she’s going to be his wife.

Another one of those “moments” where it makes me so happy to do what I do.

The official promises to one another and then…..

those promises are sealed with a kiss.

These expressions really sum up the felling of the day  – JOY! 

Mr & Mrs McAuliffe

Back to Holly’s mum and dad’s garden for the bridal party photos. What a stunning backdrop.

A whirlwind trip around Ross Creek and the Gardens before heading to the Glenroy Auditorium.

Thank you to everyone who made this day a total dream for me.

Holly and Hayden, may your life be filled with exciting adventures and may you look back on this day often and remember the love, the excitement and most of all the presence of those who love you sharing in your special day.

Many blessings to you both.