Lisa Reid Photography

Amanda and Andrew – Married @ Grandview Gardens

 Autumn – my very favourite time of the year. 
And you can’t beat an Autumn wedding!
Amanda and Andrew celebrated their day in style at Grandview Gardens with Nicola Wall (their celebrant) doing a fantastic job of the ceremony – a lot of lovely touches added to make it super special. Close friends stood by them up the front of the rest of their friends and family and Amanda’s sister, Michelle, travelled halfway round the world to be there as a bridesmaid to her big sister. 
Another totally relaxed couple ( I am being so spoiled this season – everyone is so chilled out), Amanda and Andrew even managed a “fist bump” instead of the more traditional kiss.
Hope you’re comfy, cause I have a LOT to share….

 Gorgeous Autumn colours.

 A little trip around the road to see the boys … got a bit side tracked though when one of the groomsmen realised that his pants weren’t the right size. Whoops! 
Hallensteins came to the rescue and made sure he had a pair for the ceremony.
 Back to the girls and all the prettiness.

 Amanda – you are absolutely gorgeous.

 Totally awesome cars. One red and one black.

 Just checking to see if we’re all ready to get this wedding started.

 Andrew looking pretty pleased with his wife to be…

 Love the emotion here. A tear or two and that wee smile from Andrew’s dad.

 That’s one happy bride right there people.

 You may fist bump the bride. Cute!

 From what I remember of the speeches, 
this lovely lady played a big part in getting these two together.

 You guys were so much fun. Thanks for the entertainment and the superb posing. 

Another wonderful day at Grandview Gardens.
Andrew and Amanda – I can’t thank you enough for sharing your day with me. 
May your marriage be filled with love, laughter and loads of fist bumps.