Lisa Reid Photography

Victoria & Dan – married @ Grandview Gardens.

 All you need is love and laughter – lots of laughter.
This wedding was filled to overflowing with both and I was lucky enough to be a part of it all.
As it happens Dan is a farmer and Victoria is a pharmacist – two of my very favourite kinds of people.
Actually Victoria was one of our students at The School of Pharmacy a few years ago so it was extra special to see her again and to meet the man she is planning on living happily ever after with.
 These flowers were just gorgeous – I love how they incorporated berries and wheat – so unique.

 Victoria got ready up at Saddle Hill Lodge, a stunning log cabin lodge over looking the Taieri Plains.


 More wheat – or is it barley – I’m more of an animal farmer and have no idea about this cop farming business, but I do like that it has been the theme of this gorgeous day. 
 Grandview Gardens is the perfect venue for a rustic style wedding.

 The flower people.

 And I think that right there is one very happy man.

 Angela Port has been the celebrant at a few of the weddings I’ve photographed this year. She is a fantastic celebrant, so relaxed with a great sense of humour and just fabulous to work with.

 Love the enthusiasm here. Go Vic!
 The little flower people sprinkling some prettiness down the aisle.

 Time to celebrate!
 This old truck is one of my favourites at Grandview – it always works and a stunning prop.

 Just one more truck photo, then I promise I’ll move on.

 And maybe I like swing photos too…..

 My new favourite spot at Grandview. 
This is the first time I’ve spotted this wee pond and I love it so much.

 Ha ha – told you this wedding was full of laughs. This is my first time ever photographing a “Mandarin Race” and it’s just as fun as it looks. You just need a mandarin each and a bit of a hill. The first mandarin to the bottom wins – almost as exciting as the Baldwin Street Jaffa Race.

 Victoria is a little bit of a Tom Boy – well to be fair I think she’s way more comfortable swinging a cricket bat than wearing a dress. But I like how well she combines the two.

This has been one of my all time favourite wedding days – everything was absolutely perfect and I loved every single minute of it all. Victoria and Dan – thank you so very much for sharing your day.