Lisa Reid Photography

Cassie & Quinton – Wedding at Waikouaiti

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue…….
and bridesmaids are yellow and purple and green and blue……
Weddings and rainbows are right up there with some of my favourite things. Cassie and Quentin obviously had that in mind when she was planning their rainbow wedding. Cassie had thought of everything – personalised and colour coded coat hangers, sunglasses, socks, ties, bouquets….. 
Totally amazing!
Four bridesmaids and three little flower girls were decked out in all the colours of the rainbow – the boys were accessorised accordingly and the finished product was incredible.
You might remember Cassie and Quinton from their engagement session on the beach at Waikouaiti. Fast forward a year or so and we meet again to celebrate their wedding.
A huge shout out and big thank you to my awesome sister-in-law Cathy for stepping in at the last minute to be my wonderful assistant on the day (Robbie was busy in the shearing sheds).
Cathy did a fabulous job, she seemed to be everywhere all at once and did a great job with the second camera too – I think we made a great team.
Okay then – I know you just can’t wait to get to the photo bit so here they are ……
Cassie and Quinton.

 A little bit of sisterly love – as a mum to two girls, moments like this are just a wee bit special.

 When those nearest and dearest ones are no longer with us then it’s lovely to still be able to include them in special celebrations. I love this idea.

 Josh and Jake – the security guys in charge of the rings. Love their cases and IDs – super smart and very professional looking. You can just tell that they took their job extremely seriously.

 Awww – Cassie – just gorgeous.

 The weather leading up to the Saturday didn’t play the game and the wedding was shifted from the historical site of Matanaka to the Waikouaiti Events Centre. The Events Centre was totally transformed into a magical place. Amazing effort guys!

 Here come the Men in Black….
 ….and here comes the bride!

 Yep – those security guys did a great job of getting the rings delivered safely.
 Sealed with a kiss and off to start married life as a married couple.

 Totally love this for a wedding vehicle. John and Marj were amazing and the truck is just awesome. Contact them at if you’d like to use it on your wedding day.

 Off to the beach – a great spot for some photos.

 A couple of Cathy’s awesome photos – don’t you love them!

 Over looking Cassie and Quinton’s hometown of Waikouaiti – so pretty. All we needed was a rainbow in the background. How cool would that have been?

 As we walked in the gardens a little girls saw us and thought the girls were the Disney Princesses –

 I can see how she was mistaken.

They bouquet toss – looks like a dangerous sport to play!
Cathy and I were so lucky to have been a part of this beautiful celebration.
 Totally loved every minute of it.
Thank you so much Cassie and Quentin for letting us be a part of your day and for creating such an impressive selection of wonderful details and finishing touches for us to work with.
Wishing you both a life time of wedded bliss and rainbows.