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Holly & Robert – Wedding @ Orchard Gardens

I was soooo excited to be asked to photograph Holly and Robert’s wedding at Orchard Gardens near Clyde – one of my MOST favourite places. We have visited often and enjoyed their fine food and their aMAZEing mazes (yep I know amazing isn’t spelt right ……..) and I’ve always secretly dreamed of one of my girls getting married there one day.
So – now you get the picture – mega excited photographer. To top things off and make this an even better weekend (but how could it get any better, I’m working at Orchard Gardens…….well, it was also our first weekend away from the girls and we booked in to Olivers in Clyde for the night – it’s now also on my list of MOST favourite places to spend time – it might even be TOP of the list). If you find yourself child free in Central Otago for a night then you just have a spend a night there ………so worth spoiling yourself!!
Anyway, back to the bride and groom, cause this blog SHOULD be all about them (and not so much about me)…….I spent most of the day with Holly, Katie, Liz and Mara, hanging out at the hairdressers, getting ready at Picnic Creek B & B, playing in an orchard on the way to the ceremony……they were a laugh!
Robert was dutifully waiting for his bride in the centre of the maze, where the wedding ceremony takes place (luckily we got sneaked into the maze via the exit and didn’t have to find our way to the centre – my sense of direction in not too good and I could in fact still be trying to find the middle). You could just tell by Robert’s face how in love with Holly he is…..such a perfect couple. There were so many places around the gardens and in Clyde to take photos that we had trouble settling on two or three…..but then the RAIN came down and limited our options somewhat. Those poor girls must have been freezing – and to top it off we made Holly head up to the look out for a couple of photos over lookiong the lake – hypothermia was almost setting in – thankfully she has super model powers and it didn’t phase her at all.
Thanks SO much Holly and Robert firstly for sharing your day with us, and secondly for getting married at Orchard Gardens and giving us an excuse to stay at Olivers!!
Enjoy a little peak at some of your photos.
Lisa xx

 Holly and her Dad were lovely to watch together – they danced up the aisle to Queens “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – so cool to see!

                               First sight of the lovely Holly – is this man in LOVE  or what?